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Hi Ancient Mac Afficianados

Classilla 9.3 was released today. This is good news to anyone running OS 8.6 and up. Those running early versions of OS X say 10.1, 10.2, may actually find this to be their best browser, running in OS 9 emulation.

Classilla is an offshoot of Mozilla, being upgraded as far as possible to modern standards for OS 8.6 classic and up by Cameron Kaiser at Floodgap Systems.

Here is the release:

Classilla 9.3.0 is released after a long gestation and period of refocusing.

As is widely known and reported, 9.3.0 alters the user agent to preferentially
get and use mobile content, and I will be directing optimizations and fixes
to optimize the browser for such mobile sites since that is a better fit for
our older code and older computers. After a period of experimentation, we're
using a user agent based on the Nokia N90, which is similar to Classilla's
rendering engine. You can still change this from the User-Agent pref panel.

It was originally my intention to also fix the network stack in this release
but I was not able to get it working in any meaningful state (I'm going to
try again later).

However, the other big new change in 9.3.0 is the Byblos rewrite engine.
The Byblos syllabary is one of the great mysteries of ancient scripts, but
the hope is that a stele like the Rosetta Stone might come to light to
decipher it. In a like manner, Byblos lets you write "stelae" in JavaScript
to translate sites from the HTML up -- adding, changing or even removing
sections of content to get the browser to render. This is all dynamic and
happens on the fly, and all you need is knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and
a text editor. Complete docs are on Google Code:

ByblosSteleDocs - classilla - How to write translation stelae for Byblos, Classilla's HTML rewrite engine. - Building a secure web browser for classic Mac OS - Google Project Hosting

Stelae for and are included with the base
release, and I am soliciting for stelae from the user community to include
in future versions.

Finally, there are multiple security and stability improvements ahead of the
full security audit which will finally bring Classilla to security parity
in Classilla 9.3.1.

In 9.3.1 and 9.3.2, more features will be progressively exposed to user
control. In 9.3.0, there is an internal hard whitelist that uses desktop
user agents for certain sites. In 9.3.1, once this is better understood,
advanced users will be able to place about:config entries in, and in 9.3.2,
there will be an entire UI for this when locale strings are unfrozen along
with other UI changes.

Thanks for tolerating the long period between updates.

Classilla: Building a Secure Web Browser for Mac OS 9 and the Classic Macintosh OS

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Cool! I'll have to try it.
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