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CIS Hockey 2009/10

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While obviously most of the hockey fans in the nation will be focused on the NHL, is anyone here interested in speculating on how the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) Hockey championships might turn out this year?

A priori, one might expect the big universities (UBC, U of A, UC, U of T, McGill, etc.) or even the mid-sized universities (Dalhousie, Memorial, Queens, Waterloo, U Vic, etc.) to dominate these competitions, and certainly they're well represented (the U of A especially, has been a force to be reckoned with). But the little guys seem to hold their own in this arena. My own UNB Varsity Reds have acquitted themselves very well in recent years, and I have reason to believe that they'll do well again this year. Indeed, I'm about to go buy seasons tickets for myself and my son.

Does anyone else follow CIS hockey? It's very good entertainment.

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I follow it from a online and will watch the finals on TV. One of my favourite times was when the university I attended made the final four just after I moved to Ontario. The finals were held at the old Varsity Arena at U of T. A bunch of us went, painted our faces - had lots of strange looks from the locals. That said - GO UPEI! I'd love to see them win a championship.

Yes, it's amazing how well the little universities from the Maritimes are able to compete in this league.
Me and a buddy of mine will try and go out to a couple of York games each year, it's a great way to kill a saturday afternoon without spending too much. Another buddy of mine is a new prof at McGill and he said that when Queens come for a game it is INSANE!! all the drumming, "friendly" name calling and the crazy "songs" and chants. I am planning on attending a couple of McGill and Queens games just to see what it's all about, as unfortunatly York only has a couple of parents at the games and it's quite low key.

It's good fast hockey.
I have been consistently impressed with the quality of the games I've watched at UNB. Great skating-and-passing teams, and almost never any fighting. It's like watching olympic hockey.
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