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CIBC online banking - anyone having problems?

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A bit of a weird problem -- is it just me, or has someone else hit this?

I can't get into CIBC's online banking. I hit the sign-on link from the main page, and it just seems to hang -- neither Safari nor IE can establish an https connection. I can't even get to the signon page. This has been happening for the past couple of days.

Here's where it gets weird:

1) As recently as a couple of weeks ago (last time I logged on) it worked fine.
2) All my other online banking accounts (BMO, ING Direct, TD) work fine.
3) It works on the Windows machine (running 2000)
4) Called into CIBC's (not particularly helpful) tech support, they had me try hitting the President's Choice Financial page (which CIBC runs, same back-end technology), and it came up fine.

The only combo that doesn't work is CIBC on my iBook (running Panther) -- which used to be okay.

Anyone else seeing this, or is it just me?
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Hi Sonal. Just logged on to CIBC and it worked fine. Do you have a re-issued bank card? That will call for a reinitialization.
Ditto. CIBC PC Banking worked fine for me too.

I just wish that Safari would behave as well as IE with CIBC
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My CIBC works fine in Safari, IE or Netscape.


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CiBC online banking always works for me, whether I"m using Safari or Mozilla Firebird
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I have never been able to log into PC or CIBC since I got my powerbook 6 weeks ago. That's using Safari or IE. That's with Jaguar and Panther. RBC works fine! I agree, does anyone know what gives?
I have found a work around. Mozilla Firebird works well on the same machine with both PC and CIBC. I don't like the browser much but use it just for banking.
Free download at
Whenever I load CIBC-PCBanking in Safari, I get this missing plugin error message for every page:

"The page “CIBC Online Banking Sign In” has content of MIME type “”. You do not have a plug-in installed for this MIME type, so this content can not be displayed."
CIBC works for me. I get the error message about not being able to view content but the page still loads and works for all of my online banking needs.
Works fine for me. Just a little load time is all.
Good morning folks

I don't know about you guys, but I cannot stand online banking with CIBC and Safari. Seeing that error message on every page is a bit too much.

CIBC online banking and Future Shop.Ca are about the only two websites that I use IE for on a regular basis.
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The folks down here in Halifax have been having problems with ATM thefts at CIBC.

Strangely, the problem has gone away. I'm still getting the silly mime-type error, but it works fine otherwise

Seems that the problem was pretty much just me, but evidently it's gone away.

Thanks everyone.
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