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Which of these do you use?

  • iPhoto

    Votes: 93 91.2%
  • Aperture

    Votes: 14 13.7%
  • iMovie

    Votes: 62 60.8%
  • Final Cut (Pro or Express)

    Votes: 24 23.5%
  • iDVD

    Votes: 53 52.0%
  • DVD Studio Pro

    Votes: 11 10.8%
  • GarageBand

    Votes: 36 35.3%
  • Logic (Pro or Express)

    Votes: 8 7.8%
  • iWeb

    Votes: 31 30.4%
  • Any Other WYSIWYG Web Editor

    Votes: 21 20.6%
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The only ones I use right now are iPhoto and GarageBand.

I tried the Aperture demo but meh, it's not for me. Not interested in Lightroom. Bonzo likes it simple and lean - for general .jpg work I'll import into iPhoto from my Nikon D50 or Panasonic FZ20, then export a copy for adjusting with Photoshop Elements. For Nikon RAW processing I copy the files from my Nikon into a folder on my HD, then work on them with Nikon Capture NX (which I like just fine), and export the developed files as .jpgs with maybe a bit of final PSE retouching after that.

I might try iWeb this Summer when/if I finally get a .Mac account. Haven't touched any of the other apps but who knows, maybe one day.

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I use iPhoto almost daily. iWeb, a little less than that. And, Garageband once in a while to make my podcasts. :)

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I'm still using GraphicConverter

Lemkesoft - Startseite

Dave :)
Love Graphic Converter. Use it to creating index sheets; it's much faster and has a lot more control than PhotoShop. Also use it to rename batches of Photos without changing the creator or modification dates. Use PhotoShop Elements for the heavier stuff. iPhoto for slide shows. The old eMac is just too slow to do much in the way of movie stuff.

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Photoshop for Image alteration.

CocoViewX for viewing slideshows.

Waiting for my next mac for video...

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I'd use Aperture if I had a Mac run that could run it.
I've done an impromptu poll on both this site and Flickr to test the use of Aperture vs. Lightroom. It seems as though Lightroom is winning by a margin of around 5 - 1.
Not scientific by a long shot but something to keep in mind....
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