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Tres amusant. Haw he haw he haw. Love it, love it.

Now, about all this French-bashing ....

French-bashing of the sort that is the institutionalised pleasure of the cousins indicates inferiority complex plus a throw-teddy-in-the-corner fit of the sulks because the French have an independent streak. How dare they! What presumption!

I was greatly amused when Chirac wasn't invited to Crawford the way Blair and all the good guys were. To paraphrase a journo here in the UK, "Chirac must have been devastated. There he was in one of the most luxurious and resplendant palaces in the world, with the best cuisine and the very finest of wines that France (and 'Old Europe') could offer, and he didn't get an invite to Junior's ranch for a hamburger."

Vive la France!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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