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I was chatting with an Apple software engineer last night. This person will be returning to Canada to visit family over Christmas...

I casually asked him/her if I should purchase a new G4 now, or wait until after MWSF. S/He replied "ummm, I don't know what they are doing on the hardware side, but unless you really need a new G4 for work, I would wait a month"

Since s/he is working on the OS "beyond Jaguar" I asked her/his opinion on how to best protect my new iBook. S/He suggested that to date there have been NO OS X virii and that Virex etc are a waste of money at this time. S/He strongly suggested Diskwarrier, saying that when you boot into 9, it will repair any/all damage and further commented that Norton was a piece of (insert naughty word). DragThing was one of the utilities recommended, and I have to agree.

I asked about defrag/optimization, and was told that it is not as big a thing as the utility software vendors make it to be. There is minimal effect in defragging.

Just thought to pass the comments along.
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