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CDW order question

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Hi everyone!

I just have a quick question with regards to CDW Canada. Is it possible to drive to CDW yourself and place/pickup an order and pay cash? The reason why I am asking is because I do not use any credit cards what so ever. My preference is to pay cash.

Many Thanks!
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Years ago I actually drove their place to pick up - once. It was for a scanner. I remember getting the distinct impression that it was fairly unusual for buyers to come to them... it tended to be more a remote purchase delivery service, not a place where there was much of an emphasis on human interaction, much less the finer points of customer service.

Unlike you however, I paid with a credit card. Which is doubtless how the vast majority of their business transactions occur. But it's worth a try... cash is king, right? For all I know, they've changed their ways and are a little less morbidly uniform in their responses to customer's entreaties.
cash is king, right?
Actually, no, credit is king!

I've bought from CDW, but, due to my location, I've never been able to pickup something.
Call them and ask. Contact.

Customer Relations
I guess thee obvious question is why? I'm sure what ever they have can be purchased elsewhere, and probably price matched or better.
Thanks for the replies guys! Well I contacted CDW this morning and unfortunately they don't take cash. It has been really hard to find someone who carries Liebert UPS units. Originally it was a mixup between the Liebert PowerSure PSA 500 and the Tripp Lite Omni1000LCD. Tripp Lite too was very hard to find because both Tripp Lite and Liebert are "business" or "commercial" grade units. Only certain places are authorized to carry their products.

Anyways I decided to settle on the Tripp Lite which is on sale at Costco by the way for $99.99 which is amazing because that unit is $184.00 US. The Tripp Lite is quite a UPS! The quality, warranty, and customer service is fantastic! Very impressed indeed.

If you are in the market for a good quality, high end UPS, get the Tripp Lite at Costco while supplies last!

Tripp Lite and Liebert are both the "Rolls Royce's" of UPS systems. Like no other.
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