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Capture One

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i see the thread on Aperture and Lightroom.

does any one here use Capture one to work with RAW??

i am unable to try it since i don't have a MAC yet(by the end of the week i should have it).. and it wont run on Vista.. but i would like to know if anyone here uses it or has tried it and what they think about it ???
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I wasn't aware of Capture One until you pointed it out.

But here's another software: DxO Optics Pro . I downloaded a fully functional trial copy. I am impressed with the capability of the software.
hmm another one to try out thansk for the link...
You might find some more insight about CaptureOne at the luminous landscape forums
I have been using Capture One LE for a couple of years on my Powerbook. It's a good piece of software and produces quite good results, comparable to Lightroom and maybe a little better than Aperture. The luminous noise reduction isn't very strong so it's not great for high ISO photos without another noise reduction program. It doesn't have any of the media management aspects of Lightroom or Aperture either. It doesn' t make sense to use too many RAW conversion programs, so I think I'm going to settle on Lightroom, or the next incarnation of Aperture.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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