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Caption please

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It's a me, a Mario!


*sung the the Mazda Zoom Zoom theme song o/~ Shroom shroom shroom, shroom shroom shroom yea shroom shroom shroom shroom.... o/~
Stoners rejoice! After years of engineering bongs Ralph decided to concentrate on what he calls the "biganator" a ray gun with the capabilities of enlarging organic matter.


Sadly after returning from Wonderland, Alice's mushroom habit was uncontrollable.
".....Iiiiiiiitttttt'''ssss Mmmmaaaaggggiiicccc!!!!!!" :D
George's umbrella, though quite attractive in an organic way, left a stain on his shirt.
World's smallest man won't relinquish his hiding place.
A small colony of Smufs has been located.
MissG thinks of something pornographic (and stifles). :eek:

Poor Juan Hernandez. The first man in his village to get a University degree, and THIS is how he becomes famous.
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Manuel misunderstood the request to bring another "fun guy" to the party...
...and she says I never bring her flowers.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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