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Can't Watch Quicktime Movies Online???

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Hi everyone,

Ever since I bought the new Airport Base Station, I can't seem to watch any Quicktime movies on my new MacBook Pro 15.4 running the latest OS.

What I mean is, I can't watch anything live using Safari and Quicktime. I try to watch the Keynotes and I can't. Quicktime opens up, it pretends to load and then says in the window "disconnected". I have never come across that before.

I am not sure where I am supposed to look, to correct this, it doesn't matter what website I go to, I get the same problem.

Has anyone come across this before? Is it a base station problem with security? Is it something I need to check off or do with Mac OS 10.4.10? I can't seem to find anything in Quicktime itself to check off or on, so I am at a loss why I can't get anything to work while online in Safari and with Quicktime.

If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please let me know :).
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Try AirTrafficControl downloadable free here:

AirTrafficControl 2.0.1b400 - Mac OS X - VersionTracker

to check your connection speed over wireless. It is a widget that shows all available wireless networks and the ACTUAL speed of your current connection. While you can achieve a wirelessG speed of 58mb/s if there is interference airport will back off on the connections speed automatically. Then reset your quicktime preferences for the actual connection speed.
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