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Can't update OS X!

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I think it might be related to my user accounts?

I had two user accounts, one admin (let's call this Admin1) and one with restricted privileges. I then created a second admin account (Admin 2) which did not have a password and deleted the original admin account along with the other restricted account.

Now when I try to update OS X, it asks me for the password of my Admin1 account which did have a password. I enter it but it's rejected. But why would it be asking for one in the first place?

Anyway to get around this?
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Use your install CD - has a reset password utility.
Use your install CD - has a reset password utility.
That one has saved me on a couple of occasions. First time though I had to reinstall the OS.

BTW if the original account had FileVault turned on it may be a bit more complicated.
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