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Can't set up router or voip

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My Mac is a G5/1.6 desktop, 10.4.7, 768 megs ram.

I had been without Internet access for a bit and am having trouble setting up again the way it used to be. I can connect my DSL modem directly to my computer and get a connection. When I try to use either my router (D-link DI-624) or my VOIP box (Linksys SPA2102) I have problems. I can't access the web address for setup for either device. (I've tried them independently, not together.) There must be something in my computer setup that is keeping me from being able to access setup for either device. Anyone have an idea?

Please don't give me a real technical reply... I won't understand.
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Sorry, the probem is technical, not possible to reply without tech.

First of all: have you called your ISP (Internet Service Provider you get the DSL service from)?
Many DSL providers provision the DSL modem (activate it) for one device only. The fact that your Mac works indicates that it is working and provisioned for your Mac's unique ID. Just plugging in the router will not work in this case. Call the DSL provider and find out if this is the case.

You then have a choice - you can often get the router to "clone" the MAC address from your Mac, so it 'spoofs' the DSL modem into thinking it's still talking to Mr. Mac (consult the router's instruction manual). Or you can ask the ISP to provision the DSL for the router's unique MAC address.

If that isn't the problem, then it is likely the way that you have the iMac set up with internet connection information. When you add the router, here's what happens. The router talks to the modem, and the modem issues the router an IP address on the network, and a DNS server IP address for the "phone book" of the internet (Domain Name System)

Then your Mac talks to the router, and the router passes along the DNS address, and creates a special internal IP address for the Mac (and any other device connected in your household network.)

In order to do this, your Mac has to know the address of the router, the "sub-net" that it is in, and to go and ask for the network numbers.
The Mac's Network Preference Pane: Built-in Ethernet connection: TCP-IP properties should probably be : Use DHCP

If all goes well, it will get all the info it needs from the router.

If not, you may have to manually fill in the IP address for the Mac, the Gateway/Router address, and the DNS address. Consult the manual that came with the router, there are too many variables to cover here. The manual will also show you how to use your web browser to check the satus of the router.

If you have already tried the instructions for accessing the Router settings with your Web browser, and cannot reach the router's internal web settings page, then I would suspect connections and cables. Try to simplfy the setup as much as you can, and substitute some known-good cables.
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Thanks for all the info.

I'm still having problems. The ISP that supplied the router and DSL modem knows I have both devices and is trying to help, but so far no luck.

I tested two ethernet cables from the computer to the modem, and am sure both are working. Still no luck tho.

I'm getting close to returning the VoIP box. I'd like to have it working but if it can't, then it can't and there's no point in paying for service I don't have. :(

I no longer have the router manual, so looking up settings in it isn't an option. Anyway I'm trying to do it without the router to keep it simple.

If there are any other ideas I'd love to hear them. My prefs are set up for TCI/IP using PPP, and to connect via PPPoE. Ethernet set to configure automatically. I just don't know what else to do.
I really think you should give your ISP a call and get them to send a tech. (If possible)

At least give them a call and find out if they can guide you through the process correctly.

Maybe you're putting in the wrong information on the router/VoIP modem? I'm sure you've probably double checked that though.. but, still worth looking at again.
I don't have a phone - so it's not easy to contact the ISP. That's why I'm getting VoIP!! :(

I think I'm just going to return the thing. I'm paying for service I don't have. :(
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