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Hi Folks,

I have a co-worker who bought a MacBook (Intel Core2 Duo) and can not join her existing wireless network. She can see it, but when she tries to join the password she enters gets rejected. The router is a Network Everywhere NWR04B. Their website does not offer much in the way of support. All updates on her machine have been done via software update (connected via ethernet cable to above said router). She is positive she is using the correct password. There is a firmware update available for the router, but we haven't tried that yet. Any advice?

Thanks in advance,


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What kind of encryption is the router using?

The router may be looking for the hex key.. not a passphrase, depending on the security.

Try making a new password on the router and see if that works. Otherwise, figure out what the hex key is for the router and try entering that manually.
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