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So I bought a new Nikon Coolpix L10 and they have their own software like iPhoto. Anywho previously I could drag pictures out of their program onto my desktop. Well I went and did an export with their program and thought I was dropping things from one file onto my desktop. Obviously they went somewhere else.

All of the sudden my harddrive isn't on my desktop. So I go into finder and see it there. I've gone into Finder Pref General and the Hard Disks, CDS, DVDS and ipods, Connected Servers were already all checked.

1. How do I get my harddrive on the desktop?

Also I can't drag photos or folders or anything on the desktop at all. They just go back to their spot and won't move. Think I clicked something while trying to drag out the photos and can no longer drag stuff to rest on the desktop. Not even folders.

Also normally when I have Firefox open I can click up top near the file and the normal buttons show up like File, Edit, etc. I can no longer do that at all and can't figure out why I can't drag anything to the desktop.

Any ideas, I have no idea what I've done and am stumped.

2. How do I fix this so I can drag things on my desktop?


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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