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CanadaPost COD

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Has anyone here sold something and used COD to collect the money from the buyer? Is this a safe way to sell things?
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I feel its safe... they pay Canada Post when they pick it up and then Canada Post sends you a money order. If they dont pay, they dont get the item simple as that and it gets returned to you.

Go down and talk to them, I feel interac email money transfers are better due to speed of payment and safe because you are dealing with banks.

My 0.36c

Has anyone here sold something and used COD to collect the money from the buyer? Is this a safe way to sell things?
While you have to be cautious in any situation, it might be that being in Toronto you can wait for an in-person transaction, with so many more potential buyers and sellers who can meet up.
Its pretty safe. Only way I can think of that they could scam you would be if they were a dishonest employee of the postal outlet/office that was holding the package and somehow managed to get it out without paying (doubtful- they'd probably get caught by Canadapost due to security cams etc). Alternatively, if they didn't pick up the package it would eventually be returned back to you (due to it not being picked up) and you would be out the postage money and possibly charged return postage.
It's great if you're absolutely sure they will pay for the item once they hit the post office. If they choose not to, then you're out the money for the COD (which can be pretty pricey at times)... but at least you don't lose the product.
Thanks everyone.

I'm out of town part of next week, so I can't do much until I get back. I'll see if I get any local offers in the meantime.
I am not sure that one is allowed to open the box which has been sent COD before you pay for it.

The box is delivered - what is actually in the box remains a mystery until after the buyer has paid for the COD.

At least that is how it has worked for me - though it has always ended positively so far.

The same can be said for in person transactions - I know of one person who (years ago) bought a video camera off a street seller in NYC. He was caught trying to smuggle it into Canada (to avoid paying the duties and taxes on it). When the customs officers opened the box to verify the serial number for the seizure... they found a brick.

The buyer hadn't checked the camera until then.

Obviously the buyer wasn't happy. Even though (if I remember correctly) the duty rate on bricks was better than the rate on electronics...
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Is it possible to pay Canada Post the value of the package and have them pick up the parcel, at which point they pay the person the money and pick up the parcel for delivery to the payee (me)?
I don't think so...

but I'm not %100 clear what you're asking - COD is outlined here :

Canada Post - Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.)

It seems like it only works on delivery - they won't collect on 'spec (speculation that someone will send) - functionally that would be the same as you sending $$ directly to the seller. The post office won't act as an enforcer and show up at their door and "guilt" or threaten them into sending something back to you (though that might be fun to watch :D )
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