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Apologies in advance if anyone is personally connected to that bunch, but IMHO, "Canada Computes" is a waste of space insofar as Mac users are concerned. Their publication "The Computer Paper" seemed to turn around with a new editor who appeared to be a bit of a Mac fan, but content-wise, my patience wore thin.

Then I came across that AirPort article and thought about sending a little (sigh) friendly suggestion that they start reporting on 2003 technology, but... sometimes it's just not worth any more effort on my part. Let them vanish into obscurity....


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I take it he'll review Airport Extreme next year?!

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What do you expect from a lamo free PC publication?

If you want current info pony up the $10 for MacAddict Magazine, and you'll get a Demo CD too.

Or if you're cheap like me, subscribe to the following:

About This Particular Macintosh

My Mac Magazine

MacNow Magazine

MacHome Journal

Creative Mac

MacLiving Magazine

MacTech Magazine

GCSF, Inc.

Apple Wizards


Mac Life

Mac OS Journal


And that's only the first page on a Yahoo Search. :D
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