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"... I'm soon going to be getting a new G4 DP 1.25 with the newer superdrive. Is it possible for me to backup my DVD movies? As I believe you are allowed to make a single backup of anything you own like music or software, so I'm assuming movies are the same (I think). ..."

There is nothing wrong with backup of a movie, per se. You must stay within the bounds of copyright, but personal use is fine. However, DVDs are encrypted, and it is illegal in the US (not Canada, as far as I know) to circumvent any encryption.

Where this is significant, is (as was mentioned) multilayer DVDs may be hard to backup, making decrypton the only means to copy the movie.

Perhaps the simplest method, is to play back a DVD through a player (including a suitably equpped Mac) which can output S-Video to a DV Camcorder. This does not involve tampering with the player's encryption.

The copyright act provides any Canadian with the right to backup any software product; it your SW license prohibits this, that provision is invalid while all else remains valid.
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