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I emailed ShirtPocket (makers of SuperDuper) and asked them;

Sorry, no.

Shirt Pocket

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Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 22:54:39 -0400
To: Shirt Pocket Support <[email protected]>
Subject: PC volumes and SuperDuper?

Can SuperDuper clone (and restore) a PC formatted hard drive? Just

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It's solely a Mac backup program, and works with HFS+ volumes, as Spec just pointed out.
On a related note... that's one of the reasons why some folks prefer Parallels Desktop over Bootcamp for running Windows on an Intel Mac. Parallels Desktop doesn't use a separate Windows (ie: FAT32) file system volume, and therefore gets backed up during a regular Mac backup routine.
i tried parallels a few weeks ago and it crashed my blackbook
i wasn't very impressed
not only that, but the apple bootcamp / xp pro way of doing things is really like owning a windoze machin and has very few windoze incompatabilities

maybe one day i might give it another try

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Thanks, MacSpectrum. Appreciate your effort.

That's too bad about SuperDuper. :(

On a related note, can anybody recommend any Windows-equivalent to SuperDuper?
this will do the trick Norton Ghost but i think it best to get it bundled with Norton System Works Premier Edition

don't use/install (Avast! is much better and free for personal use) the norton anti-virus and Norton is pretty good (not great) at fixing registries and optimizing your hard drive

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Actually I have a SuperDuper question:

1. Can it:

- Create a bootable hard disk for my iMac; AND
- Create a separate partition that will back up my iDisk

2. I figure it would go something like this:

- Reformat external HD with two partitions
- Use SuperDuper to create a bootable disk from the first partition
- Create a separate backup of the iDisk on the other partition

I have only used the free version of SuperDuper so far (very seldom) and this would mean upgrading to the commercial version. Fine by me, but I want to know if it is possible.

PS: for those who ask why in the world I would want to back up an iDisk. Because Apple has screwed up royally with the iDisk upgrade and I have spent the past 4 days fixing the damage. :mad:

I estimate I need another 3-4 days to get things right... :ptptptptp
1. Yes and Yes.

2. your backup logic is correct
I don't trust online backups as the only backup
I used a hard drive to clone my internal black book HD onto an external
I backup in accounting data to my FTP site (in addition to being cloned mentioned above)
I also cut CDs for my accounting data as backup as well

Can never have too many backups
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