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Can I use a generic PC card in my powerbook,

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I want to add USB 2.0, any specific brand card that works best?

I would also prefer if it didn't stick out the side too much, anyone have any suggestions?
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Yes. It's all about drivers. OS X has drivers built-in for many of the chips used inside "PC" cards.

I recommend going to a local computer store who will let you try the card in the store. Don't buy mail order - you may be stuck with the card if it doesn't work.
Not necessarily. OS X is great for having a lot of drivers available but not all work with PC Cards in the Powerbook. The guidance about try before buy or at least be able to return is critical. I did find a few years back that the Adaptec combo card worked fine in a G4 PowerBook but the much cheaper Cicero card from FS did not.

Good luck
I have some generic firewire 400/800 and USB2 pcmcia card and it is fully supported in 10.4

I think the chipset is Acer ALI.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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