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Can a corrupt OS on a back-up drive cause kernel panics?

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This is really strange and I could use some opinions.

Running an AGP G4, 1.3MHz, 1.5Meg of RAM and OS 10.4.10
About four weeks ago, out of the blue, I started to get kernel panics - one after the other.
I made another back-up with SuperDuper and then started checking memory, deleting some apps I had loaded and a few other things. All without success.
So I finally decided to re-install OS X and the problems just vanished.

The Mac was zipping along again, no more Kernel panics or other problems.

Now, yesterday and today, the Mac started to act funny - the cursor would freeze, videos would crash and kernel panics were back. Some of them I got just at the end of the boot up cycle, others at odd times. Reminded me of the Windows machine at the office.
So I ran the memory test, that seemed to be OK.
Then I booted off the OS X disk and repaired permissions and repaired each one of the volumes - two internally and 5 externally.
Repair was not necessary on any of the seven volumes, they all passed.
Permissions were repaired on the two internal volumes but when I ran "Repair Permissions" on the external volume where I had made a backup after I had all these kernel panics four weeks ago, about 1/3 through the repair cycle, everything just vanished from the screen and I was left with just a blue screen - no icons nothing.
I shut down the Mac and restarted - kernel panic at the end of the boot cycle.
Then I turned off the external drive that had the "corrupt" back-up on it and restarted. Everything worked fine.
Plugged the external drive back in and deleted the back up with the corrupt OS (from 4 weeks ago) and suddenly the Mac runs very much faster, really snappy and so far no more issues.

Long story but I thought the background was relevant.

Question: Is it possible that a corrupt OS on an external FW drive was causing these problems? Hard for me to understand since I never tried to boot off that drive so I thought it would have no bearing on what was going on with my main drive.
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It sounds as if you have bad blocks on the external drive OR entangled files.
You would need to surface scan to say for sure.
Running Disc Warrior would sort out entangled files.

Is this an upgraded G4?
If you mean stuck address as a problem it's not.
How long did you let it run - not reporting means the test did was not yet complete.
You can test one stick at a time tho two is better then swap positions.
2 or 3

I'm suspecting the processor
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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