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Buying Advice..

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Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of buying a new mac and I need some advice. I've got two reasons I'd like to upgrade. My current iBook g4 is getting kind of slow and I want to be able to run windows for some applications for school. I'm thinking of a Macbook w/ superdrive. I'm not sure if I should buy a new one or a refurbished one. The price difference is about $150 (w/ student discount factored in) and the iPod promo does kind of sweeten the deal. Any suggestions? I've had terrible luck with refurbished iPods.

Thanks for any advice! I cant believe I switched 4 years ago, I also cant believe my iBook is 3 years old. It will be sad to see her go, but I'm going to give her to my mom.
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I have not purchased a refurb Mac, only an iPod, which was fine. Do you need anything else? I ask, because the $150 might help with RAM, external monitor, bag, Applecare etc.
I'd normally suggest the refurbed route, but the $150 more for non-refurbed machine is bascially the credit you get for hte iPod.

So if you *don't* want a free iPod... lol... then get the refurb. Otherwise... you're paying $150 for a $220 iPod credit. You also get a free printer with new Macs if you're a student.
I'm thinking I may just go the refurb route. When is 10.5 coming out?
10.5 is slated to arrive in October.
10.5 is slated to arrive in October.
Hmmm, too long to wait. I want to get this machine setup to go in september.
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