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Brilliant tip: How to make a Finder Auto Mailer

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Found this little tutorial this morning and tried it out using Automater. It seemed cool, yet I wasn't sure how I would have much use for such a thing.

It shows you how to make a little Automator app that automatically sends a file dropped on it to a specified email address.

Then I saw the mention of using it to quickly back up files to GMail. Now that seemed very useful to me. After I create something I can just quickly drop the file on my app, that I called, and it prompts me for the subject. I enter the file name and then off it goes to an eternity of being backed up on Google's servers. For that reason, I wouldn't back-up anything really personal or private using it.

On the site there's an easy-to-follow video tutorial showing how to make the auto mailer. Works great!

One little thing that I couldn't figure out how to do in Automater, that would make this work even better for me, would be for the subject of the email to become the name of the file I dropped on it. If anyone knows how this could be accomplished with Automator, please let me know.
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