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Apple eliminated the mail bounce option back in Lion (or there-abouts)
The argument when asked why basically claimed that the bounce feature actually didn't do anything since the email the spam came from didn't really exist or was someone elses email address.
People went as far as to suggest the bounce feature just created more traffic on the net.

Problem was that for me - and others as well if you search the net - the bounce option actually did work.
Took a while, over a year, but eventually the spam I received went down to a trickle - like one or two a month.

Over the last year or so I have found that the spam arriving in my mailbox has increased to maybe a dozen a day. The mails are mostly reasonably legit with a legitimate return address.
I assume they harvested my email address from one of the many places that require an email address to order something.
I have a throw-away email address I use in situations where I never ever want to hear from a company or website again, but since I very seldom look at that, I provide my regular email address to companies and websites where I think they may need it to contact me.
So - to make a long story short, I came across this tonight after I got fed up deleting spam emails in my inbox.
Just wondered if anyone has tried this or something similar to bring the bounce option back
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