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Bought a Garmin GPS Map 60 CSx

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I can't load maps onto my new Garmin GPS using my iBook 1.33.

The day Garmin makes their GPS's Mac compatible could be a long wait,
Is it worth waiting? Or should I just switch to a Windows laptop.

Should I sell my iBook 1.33 and buy a Windows laptop?

Garmin GPS Map 60 CSx that I bought from RadioWorld:
GPS-Map60CSx [GAR-GPSMAP60CSX] - $449.00$439.00 : Radioworld Canada Amateur Ham Radio GPS Marine VHF SSB radios Shortwave Wideband Radio Scanners CB FRS Central Toronto Ontario Canada

Dave...Using my girlfriends Windows laptop in the interim.
(Can't post on here using Safari 2.04 for some reason, Using FireFox instead)
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Dave, Garmin has been compatible with Macs since January of 2006. Mine loads just fine.

Maybe take a look at this page for some help:

Garmin Blog: Apple/Mac
Thanks for the link SINC...I'll check that out for sure.
(How about that...Safari mysteriously works now...I took a chance)

Dave :)
Good luck with it Dave. Let us know how it works out for you. ;)
This thing is freaking amazing for traffic in Toronto,
I bought it because it is waterproof.

I have it mounted on my scooter with a RAM mount system.

The RAM mount systems are dirt cheap, I also use the mount for my digital camera.

RAM mount systems link:

Dave :)
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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