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This app. seems to be getting high praise ...

Bookit X

Product Description:
With Bookit you'll no longer have to run bookmark manager applications to have the same bookmarks between all of your browsers. Bookit 3 also allows you to synchronize bookmarks from remote computers or even Classic web browsers. Bookit reads the bookmarks you have and then lets you organize the bookmarks you may not have in all your browsers. Bookit then creates new bookmark files for the browsers you have selected. Bookit also is a complete organizational tool, while customizing your bookmarks you may: add bookmarks, add folders, add dividers, and move everything anywhere. Bookit is truly the ultimate bookmark management system.

What's new in this version:

* Added support for Navigator (Chimera) browser.
* Added Transfer menu to make bookmark organization easier.
* Added Preview menu to preview your bookmarks before writing updated files.
* Added checking for broken or dead links from within Bookit.
* New advanced file management, changes include automatic locating of Netscape, Mozilla, and Navigator bookmark files.
* Added synchronization of bookmarks from remote computers and Classic browsers.
* Added preference to filter duplicate bookmarks in the default browser's bookmarks.
* Added support for basic bookmark attributes; date visited, scheduling information, and comments.
* New and improved info window displays all bookmark attributes.
* Two-way drag and drop, between the main bookmark list and the missing bookmarks list to ease organization.
* Bookit now properly handles high ascii characters that are escaped in HTML, such as & and ?.
* Bookit properly reads UTF8 bookmarks from Netscape 7, Mozilla, Chimera, and OmniWeb.
* Added support for Opera 6 toolbar.
* Major interface changes to support new file management and to improve ease of use.
* On first launch Bookit will automatically set the default bookmark file.
* Various other changes and bug fixes throughout the program.

Product Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.1 or higher

Shareware: $12.00
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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