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bloody hell! mac pro hd failing again!!

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Man, this sucks. For the second time in roughly a month and a half, my Mac Pro's hard drive is chirping.

I know what this means and I have already backed up all my necessary data. And the staff at the Apple Store have been extremely friendly and helpful.

It's just the experience of having to unhook everything, lug it from my house to the store, wait in the store, wait for a new drive to be ordered in, pick it up next week (too busy with work or I would sooner), etc.

It's just so frustrating, thanks for listening to me vent, folks.
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Ask Apple for a free iPod nano. :)
Oh, yeah, that'll help the situation out...
Let me guess - Seagate 500.

There have been scattered reports on this and we've seen a bit - I suspect is was a batch issue.
Seagate drives were backordered heavily there for a few weeks now back in full supply.
We've seen nothing recent but of course there are still drives in stockpiles especially at Apple.

Glad you were backed up.

We tought about switching supply to WD but nothing further has popped up and WDs run hot.
Samsungs have been great but nothing bigger than a 400 ( beautifully built tho ).
Anyone with a big Seagate keep an ear out but I suspect it is low incidence and your repeat situation says Apple may have a bad batch.
Wheee, they exchanged the hard drive on the spot and sent me on my merry way. At home, I got two surprises:

1) I noticed they scratched up one side of the Mac Pro's case

2) The replacement hard drive also chirps

Fun, fun. So where's the smiley for a nervous breakdown?! :eek:
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