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Sorry for the long explanation:

I am running OSX on both my MB Air and my iMac.

I use Firefox or Safari, both the latest updates.

I use gmail and hotmail.

In the last couple of weeks, the attachments in my emails are now appearing as untyped binary or binary files.

During and after download I am not offered the option of saving/opening these files in the programs they were created in. (Typically, MS Word -- .docx -- and Movie Magic Screenwriter.)

Final Draft documents and Word .doc files are attached as binaries, but I get the option during download of saving them as binaries or opening them with Final Draft and Word, respectively.

I've tested the problem using gmail and hotmail / Firefox and Safari. All with the ssame outcome.

This is extra-annoying because I then have to go through a process to open them in the programs they were created in. (OSX's "Recommended Applications" for opening the binaries don't show these programs, so I have to go to "All Applications.")

I think it's odd that it began happening so recently, when I have been receiving attachments without problems for years. I don't think I'm doing anything different.

Can anyone help with this?
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