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Billings 3 'mutli-client' problems

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Billings 3 multi-client linking problems

Hi all,
I've been using Billings 3 for a while and earlier this year when I upgraded to a new Mac I thought I could easily move over the database to a new machine but essentially the client listings are all messed up and each client now has at least 2 copies (1 with ALL the proper contact info, 1 with NO contact info) showing in the Clients column.
Added to the problem is that all the project tracking and accounting info (invoices, estimates, etc) seem to be tied to the dummy 'blank' Client without the proper contact info - thus making the feature useless.

I've tried in vain following MarketCircle's instructions to click the 'lightening bolt' icon and tried both linking to the proper Client info AND Restoring the client info - both to no avail.

I've tried contacting MarketCircle a while ago on both their email and support forums and have had zero response - so disappointing, especially from a Toronto company!

I've tried reapplying the old database backup, deleting files, reinstalling the software and nothing is helping short of me now having to go and manually update all the client info.

Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Bummed with Billings
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