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I am a dedicated Mac user and I would like to I help any other Mac users
or potential Mac users avoid overpaying for Macs that I have seen on sale. I
was in Future shop in Kingston on the weekend and because I had some time
to kill, I decided to see their Mac displays. What was on display was a
brand new eMac 700 with combo drive at $1599 and an iMac 350 (Summer 2000)
selling for $1308. The latter's statistics are at

What is my problem with this situation? Well the unsuspecting consumer
may like the eMac but not have enough money and will choose to save about
almost $300 and get the lower priced computer. Unfortunately the market
price for this computer is about $600 but someone is willing to sell it to
you at $1308 plus tax, clearly about $700 than market price for 3 year old
technology and with the minimum RAM and no CD burner. Clearly the
unsuspecting consumer will be ripped off no matter whether the unit had a
warranty or not.

Now I do not know why Future Shop would want to sell the item at a
price which is at least $500 too much? After explaining this to the rep, he
said that Future Shop will continue to sell the unit at that price.

Now I know that they do not have a large volume of Mac sales and maybe
it would be easier to fool a potential Mac customer. There are so few of
them? I am curious as to what would be the reaction of customer if Future
Shopdecided to sell a Pentium 3 with only 64 Megs of RAM, 10 gig hard disk
with Windows ME at the same price as a 2.4 gig Pentium4 with a 60 gig hard
disk. You be the judge.
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