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Hi all,

I have tried out two since the start of the app store. Tom Tom and Navigon. I haven't ever had them on my iPhone so I have limited experience with either. Tom toms app seemed a little better coded and didn't tend to be as slow or buggy, but some of the navigon features I liked as well. I used these in the early stages of GPS apps coming out, so I assume they are a lot better now. I currently have a 3G so I don't want to get the app until I get my hands on an iPhone 4 because ios 4 on my 3G is slow as it is. My main concern is that the app must have turn by turn navigation with speech. I often just use google maps right now, but it is sometimes hard to follow while driving alone.

Secondary question, anyone know how Ontario's law on handheld devices interprets a phone running gps software if it's mounted?
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