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G-Map here. At the time it was more reasonably priced than TomTom or Navigon. No data usage, used it in the states most often on a motorcycle. It had me get off the freeway once only to have me take the other 3 exits and get back on same direction again-of course I was pretty dizzy afterwards and everything looked the same, but it felt like I hit all 4 off ramps. Otherwise it's pretty bang on. I've compared the routing to the maps on the iPhone and it's usually the same.

I found it really slow on the 3G and haven't actually tested it on the 4G yet. What I didn't like was the inability of the phone to multi-task, having to close the app to do anything else-it took quite a long time to start up. I realize it's not an app limitation but it bugged me non the less.

But I certainly appreciated having directions read out through my helmet when riding the bike.

Overall I think I prefer a good Garmin to this but for an app on a phone, it does the job quite well. Oh and it does have spoken streets with the turn by turn directions along with lane assist pics prior to the exit.
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