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Best Apps of the Year: MacStories

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MacStories Selects 2020: Recognizing the Best Apps of the Year

The MacStories Selects Awards are our annual love letter to apps and the people who make them. Apps have become ubiquitous, seeping into every corner of our lives. They help us find a job and home, get work done, blow off steam, order a meal, and everything in between. With so many apps available in the App Store, though, it’s easy to take them and their creators for granted, which is why as the year comes to a close, we step back and pause to celebrate the MacStories Team’s favorite apps and the people who make them.

To say that bringing an app to life from idea to a fully-formed 1.0 is tough is a vast understatement, and 2020 hasn’t made the process any easier. However, as we survey the past year, the depth of innovative apps makes it clear that many developers poured themselves into their apps in 2020. The result was a list of MacStories Selects candidates that was longer than in any prior year of the awards.

(Read on at: MacStories)​
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What is special in this App? do you please share more details about this app.
This thread is not about a specific app. The links in the OP refer to an article from MacStories on the apps recently developed that are being recognised.
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While the MacStories Selects Awards focus on celebrating the best apps of the year, there are plenty of other types of apps out there that can also provide hours of entertainment and excitement.

Do you have any in mind that you could suggest or recommend to the forum members???

Welcome to forums by the way.

PS: I seldom play games or strictly entertaining application-type stuff on my Mac.

- Patrick
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