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I have read a few threads on this and I wanted to bring it up, because i feel its a tad silly.

Why is there some sort of underlining rule that you cant comment on the price asked for an item in the Buy and Sell forum?

Thats ridiculous, your basically giving the go ahead for people to AIM as high as they can(if they are so inclined mind you) with hopes of some sucker taking the bait.

We should all be able to give our opinions openly about ANY piece of hardware being sold here if this is in fact a community, we should look out for each other, and not get all pissy if someone thinks we offer a bad price.

One of the coolest guys i have ever dealt with has been the Doc, he was always fair with me and honest, if someone comes on here and tries to pawn some stuff on this board and aims for the stars, either out of ignorance or out of greed, there should be no muzzle that allows him to rope another fellow member who may not be as knowledgable about products and what not.

I mean i read through that, and while most of the threads and pricing are fine, sometimes the pricing is a little off....I dont see the harm in calling someone on it.

I mean most of us are adults here, we should be able to be honest about what we feel is being posted, every forum is a discussion forum afterall.

just my two pennies.
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