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Demo available for download.

Bauhaus Software Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Mirage™ for Mac OS® X Pre-Release, the first release of its unified environment for animated graphics and special effects creation on the Mac platform. Designed for artists, Mirage integrates real-time video paint, animation, and effects functionalities into a single product. Using Mirage, visual artists are free to explore entirely new creative ideas and techniques, combining tools such as animated paint, natural-media drawing tools, volumetric lights, particles, keying, color correction, and pixel tracking within the same project. Designed for resolutions ranging from HDTV and film to web video, Mirage provides a creative solution for 2D animators, broadcasters and video professionals.

“With the introduction of Mirage for OS X, we’re delivering a revolutionary animation system into the hands of the Mac artist community,” said Paul Ford, president of Bauhaus. “As an animated paint and effects solution, Mirage is a perfect complement to Apple’s Final Cut Pro® and Shake® products, providing a seamless pipeline for professional video and film production.”

Using Mirage, broadcasters benefit from the speed and ease with which motion graphics can be created, animated and deployed. Cartoon and 2D animators use Mirage as a unified paint and effects solution, allowing them to sidestep traditional scan/ink/paint workflows, and move directly from digital pencil tests to editing within a single product. Video producers use Mirage to manipulate, enhance, and create effects for HDTV and film footage.

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