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Macnutt, the power savings would probably be pretty insignificant compared to the huge wastage in other sectors. With LCDs, current laptops are reasonably efficient compared to desktops with their fans and big CRT monitors. But the big wasters (especially in the summer and winter on this side of the continent) are inefficient heaters and air conditioners. Add to that the office lights left on through the night, the air conditioning of large, vacuous spaces and the number of people who sit in their cars with the engine idling and I'd say the potential savings from dimming your screen are not going to make much of an impact on Kyoto.

The absolute worst wasters are the heavy industries (aluminum smelters, etc) which gobble up so much power that they have to be built next to power sources.

When I'm on battery, I always dim the screen to the minimum and turn off Airport. That doubles my power on time. In X, closing the lid and sleepig the powerbook is also effective since it takes about a second to wake-up. I don't usually set the HD to spion down though.

We can all do our bit though.... Although by fixing electricity prices at 4.3 cents a kwh (effectively the same price as 8 years ago), the Ontario government has largely removed the economic incentive to conserve energy (which is part of the reason why Ontario used a record amount of electricity in January).
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