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while i was in literature & composition today, i only had 35% battery life left on my iBook. so, i decided instead of chatting, typing, and surfing the net, i'd try to conserve power so i wouldn't have to switch to scribbling out the rest of my notes.

here's what i did:

go into sys prefs>energy saver> select longest battery life.

turn off un-needed apps.

turn off airport card.

turn speakers to lowest volume or "off"

adjust screen brightness to very dim (just before black screen).

when not using 'book, turn screen off.

i was surprised to see how much power i saved by just turning off the screen when not typing. and so, my little book lasted through-out the class, and i was not forced to write out the rest of the lecture.

does anyone else have some batt-saving tips or tricks?

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