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Hi all!

I'm new to the world of notebooks (let alone Macs) and I am conserned about battery care and life. Should I drain my battery and charge it from empty every once and a while? I was also told it is bad to keep your notebook plugged in fully charged while its off and not in use. (ei over night)
Also, I've noticed my battery meter stop on 95% or 96% sometimes 99% saying it is fully charged. Even when i restart it doesn't change or correct this. Should I be conserned? Is this normal?
Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I love and want the best for me new best friend, mr ibook!

So far this board has been a great help and seems to be a great Mac community. Keep it up!

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The old NiCad batteries needed to be fully discharged before recharging or they would start to suffer from memory effect. The NiMH batteries are less succeptible but it is still a good practice.

For the current LiIon batteries you don't need to worry about memory effect. You can recharge these ones any time that's convenient. The Powerbook G3's and newer come with LiIon batteries.
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