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This update replaces any version of Backup between 1.0 and 1.2 with Backup 1.2.1. Apple periodically releases new versions of software to add features, correct performance issues, or respond to customer requests.

Backup 1.2.1 provides a quick, easy way to back up important information to your iDisk or to recordable CD or DVD discs. Backup 1.2.1 provides these improvements over Backup 1.0:

• Disc spanning lets you back up large files (such as your iPhoto library) that won't fit on a single recordable disc.
• Scanning performance improvements mean selecting and backing up files take less time.
• CD and DVD modes are combined for streamlined use.
• An updated iTunes QuickPick lets you back up your iTunes music files, not just the playlists, to CD or DVD discs.
• New iCal and Stickies QuickPicks let you back up important dates and reminders.
• Improved log files help you keep track of your backups.
• Support for different sizes of recordable discs (such as 700 MB) lets you pick a size to fit your backup.
• An updated design with a metal look to make Backup even easier to use.

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Now If i can use Disc Spanning to create bootable OS X Restore discs (From my current setup including all applications and drivers) then I will be extremely happy, but I dont believe that it is supported quite yet hehe
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