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has anyone tried backing up with this method?

there is an awesome little program called rsyncx which is a graphical front end to a cool little unix command called rsync. it copies/syncs files from source to destination. it can even make the backup bootable!

i backed up my boot drive to another physical drive in my machine. 80 gigs took about 10 mins. i then deleted a couple files from the boot drive, ran the program again in update mode and it sync'ed perfectly.

there's a cool little writeup about it halfway down this page:
HOWTO Backup Your Mac With rsync

anyone using this method? im particularly interested in the opinion of 'mr backup' - macdoc. :)


I used rsync for a long time, but as I said in another thread not too long ago I'm not fond of the way it handles resource forks. It doesn't do a compare on them at all, but sends a new copy of the resource forks on each sync. For me this was no longer practical ... when syncing hundreds of thousands of files it takes a looooong time to reprocess all the resource forks each time you run a sync.

I now use SuperDuper (registered version) and the "Smart Copy" option to keep disk images of my production machines. It's much faster and much easier.
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