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I need some real help here. I have AppleWorks 5.x on my PC and AW 6.x on my Mac. I had sent an AW document from my Mac to PC (converted to 5.x doc.) with no problems. I just spent a lot of time doing inventory on the PC. I transferred the document (spreadsheet) through email to my Mac. The PC compressed it in Stuffit archive (Inventory.bin. Now, my Mac, with Stuffit Expander, refuses to open it. I tried MindExpander, but that reports that it appears that Stuffit Expander can open it and transfers the job to it. With Outlook Express on my Mac, any attachments can be sent in various options- Mac/PC/etc. Does someone know how I can open this document that I so desperately need on my Mac?

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put it on a Floppy,
Put it on any exteranl media (BURN IT TO CD?)

Zip it on your PC and use Stuffit's .zip decompressor on your mac. (Stuffit's latest version comes with a .zip decompressor )

Don't rely on email apps compressors, they aren't very compatible.
Good luck
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