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Hey everyone

The August ByMUG meeting which will be held on Sunday, August 5th, at our usual time and location, Patty Bolands Pub (101 Clarence Street).

In August, we will look at emulation on the Mac, an taking a closer look at Safari.

Emulation is a way to run software from other (usually older) operating systems on your current computer. For example, with the appropriate emulator, you can run software from your old Commodore 64, your TRS-80, Timex-Sinclair, Atari or in some cases, even old arcade video games. Everyone is invited to bring what they use currently to the meeting.

Safari is the default web browser for OS X. It has plenty of little-known features, and there are some excellent plug-ins available for it. We will also be showing off the beta of Safari 3, which improves upon Safari 2 considerably.

In MacBreak style, if you have a software suggestion, tip, or just something
you noticed that was cool, we'll cover that as well. Don't worry if
you can't think of anything - it isn't required - just fun to see what
everyone is learning.

And of course, then there are the questions. ;-)

Hopefully we'll see you there!

The ByMUG crew

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It's 3 AM Monday morning, and I'm reading the BYMUG notice for Sunday.
Poop. :(
I know that even the Ottawa Mac people have left the pub by now.

See you next time. :eek:
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