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After scouring the internet for ANYTHING related to Apple's sexy new product, I discovered a few spiffy utilities that compliment Garageband that are, in my opinion, the dog's botox (self-imposed swear-filter)...

So... without much further ado...


Apple Loops SDK!


Yup! That's right folks, create your own Garageband compliant loops with Apple's unpublicized Software Dev. Kit! And it's FREEEEEEEEEEE! FREE!? No way! YES WAY! FREE! FREE I SAY!


Dent du MIDI!


...NO!!!! YES! A utility that creates 'AIFF containers' for MIDI files!
Simply find any MIDI file (from the GAZILLION public domain sites around the net) and use this util to create Garageband compliant loops or just use it as a MIDI importation routine. Once the containers are created, you just name them accordingly and drag 'em into GB's browser window to add them.

Do I rock your collective worlds or what???

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