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Dual 1.25GHz 32 bitG4, 1 MB L3 cache, a paltry 167MHz FSB, DDR333 SDRAM, ATA/100 drives

Single 1.6GHz 64 bitG5, NO L3 cache (WT heck?), 800 MHz FSB, 333 MHz PC2700 DDR RAM, Serial ATA...

and, you get THIS??! :
And you're surprised, why...? I see you bolded the 32-bit and 64-bit processors in each machine. Just in case you didn't know, a 64-bit processor is just as slow a 32-bit one when nothing can take advantage of the 64-bit technology, wouldn't you agree? And no, Panther is not 64-bit enchanced or optimized to take advantage of 64-bit processors. I also see you seem surpised that the G5 doesn't have a L3 cache - no need; it's L2 cache is running at almost 7 times the speed of the G4's L3 is, making the G5 still better at the end.

The difference between the SATA 150 and ATA/100 is almost pointless to mention as well, since the difference between the two isn't much at all. I think Apple just used them because they're becoming the standard today, they're hot-pluggable and slightly faster.

Secondly, the G4 is a dual processor while the G5 is a single processor. This makes a large difference, because Mac OS X does take advantage of dual-processors, already beating out the low-end G5 instantly just because of this.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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