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Are we changing about Apple??

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Are Mac fans critisizing Apple more harshly, these days? If so, is it justifiable?

I must confess I didnlt read the entire rant. But, I will say that the canadian price for a new OS upgrade every year is a bit much to take. I also just bought a .Mac subscription and I'm out $160.00 after taxes. Don;t get me wrong: they're are both great technoloigies... but, are they THAt great? THAT often?

All of that is minor, however, in comparison to hardware defects. Anything Apple sells should be of the HIGHEST production and materials quality. BAR NONE! And, if something goers wrong, they should lick our boots EVERY TIME and fix it. A friend of mine -- a switcher -- bought a MDD Dual 1GHz G4. The thing (as we all know) was as loud as a tank! people al over the world complained of it, and Apple has always touted about how quiet their proiducts are. I know this usually refers to iMacs, but Powermac are used in many environments where there is a LOW TOLARANCE for noise (such as recording studios). They gave my bud such grief as he PUSHED to get that power supply replacement. With the money one spends on Apple hardware -- and the image that Apple tries to project of their productsa -- there should be First Class service, all the way! But, you have loud G4s, had defective CRTs in eMacs, "white dot" issues in iBooks/Powermacs -- AND single G5 Powermacs that are generally SLOWER than the dual G4 Powermacs they replace...

Dual 1.25GHz 32 bitG4, 1 MB L3 cache, a paltry 167MHz FSB, DDR333 SDRAM, ATA/100 drives

Single 1.6GHz 64 bitG5, NO L3 cache (WT heck?), 800 MHz FSB, 333 MHz PC2700 DDR RAM, Serial ATA...

and, you get THIS??! :

Thank God that at least the dual G5 kills the dual G4:

I don't know. Maybe I'm being unreasonable, but I would think that any ofthose G5's should NEVER EVER be bettered by ANY G4. Am I wrong, here?

BTW, someone posted this at another user group ("OS X For Users" at

"Monday Apple will bring out a G5 1.8/DP and the single 1.6 and 1.8 will be lowered in price. That's what a dealer told me.

Paul Moortgat"

Now, THIS would be very VERY cool. The I had always thought that the mid-level should be a duallie, too.
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To cut to the chase, I think the article is essentially correct. Apple owners I know have become much more cynical and to a degree wary of Apple, its products, and its policy on releasing too much new software/hardware, too often and too expensive. Jaguar/Panther and iBook G3/G4 are just two examples. The quality issue with the Powerbook 15" G4 is not helping. For the life of me, I do not understand how Apple can do so well with the 12.1" and the 17" and bomb so badly on the 15". It boggles the mind.

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