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Applications folder "volume not found" on Imac G5, OS 10.4.1

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Hey guys,

hopefully you can give me some direction here. Did a very dumb thing and need to repair it now.

So here's what happened, I was trying to get .xmf files to be opened from FCP and installed a Episode Engine Pro 4.3.2 that I thought was gonna do it... Did the installation in my application folder and it created a lot of stuff in an unorganized way. Saw a file called "uninstall command" on the disc image from EEP and ran it, thinking it was only going to delete what I had just installed.

Somehow this thing erased some important files through the terminal and now my whole applications folder content disappeared! There is much more free space and when I click on the folder it says Volume not found... All the rest of the system remains intact, games that were in another folder for example still run fine...

Problem is I don't have my boot cd with me (in a box at my mother's place!) and can't even check with disk utility (since it was in the applications folder).

What would you advise as a course of action, hopefully not having to re-install everything... and search for a boot disk! I do have access to the internet on my partners PC...
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By the way I can't even go to System preferences anymore...

Anyone has different solution than simply formatting the whole drive and re-installing the OS?
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