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Apple has added a new version of AppleWorks, 6.2.7, to the AppleStore online, but not as yet to their website.

Check it out, from

AppleWorks 6.2, the latest version of the best-loved application for the Mac, is a compactly designed and elegantly engineered productivity program that functions the way people think and work. It combines six core capabilities--word processing, page layout, painting, spreadsheet, database, and presentations--into one easy application.
By seamlessly integrating these capabilities with Apple's QuickTime digital technologies, AppleWorks 6.2 makes it effortless to incorporate text, spreadsheets, digital photos, images, sounds, and movies in a single document.

Sharing documents is a breeze with AppleWorks 6.2. New translators for Microsoft Word and Excel files let you open and modify these files from within AppleWorks1. You can even save AppleWorks documents in these formats to share with friends and colleagues.

If you're running AppleWorks 6.2 on Mac OS X, you'll notice additional benefits. Preemptive multitasking means that you can work on AppleWorks projects while iTunes rips your CD collection in the background, and your system will still stay responsive. Want to share your AppleWorks document with the world and have it seen just as you intended? Or for others to view it without changing the file? The advanced Quartz graphics system in Mac OS X lets you save your print previews of any AppleWorks document as a PDF file. Anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader on any platform can view and print these PDF files with all the fidelity of your original document.

Templates are such a great way to jump-start the creative process that we've added more.An expanding library of templates--stored on the Internet--can be downloaded via AppleWorks 6.2 without launching a browser or decompressing files. Many of the templates are designed by affiliated organizations, such as the AppleWorks Users Group, and new templates are added regularly.

Of course, we didn't stop there. AppleWorks 6.2 lets you create impressive presentations in minutes. Want to drop a movie into your presentation? Go right ahead--and when you're ready to stage your presentation, 26 slide transitions will help you segue smoothly from point to point. If needed, your presentation can even run by itself, using the loop and timed auto-advance options.

The broad set of AppleWorks tools helps you create incredible documents, like eye-catching greeting cards, mailing labels, reports, newsletters, databases, and banners. Since it is an integrated, easy-to-use program, creating them is fast and enjoyable.

Key Features

Design dazzling documents - AppleWorks' powerful word processor lets you drop in digital images, tables, drawings, and even QuickTime clips
Organize information effortlessly with AppleWorks' outstanding database features -- track, enter, and view data as you want it; it even works with multimedia data
Crunch those numbers - AppleWorks' spreadsheets makes fast work of financial problems and helps you create compelling charts and graphs
Search 25,000 clip art images to illustrate your ideas
Enjoy over 50 fonts in a variety of styles
Add a table to any document using drag and drop
Get started in a snap -- tap into an expanding library of Internet-based templates -- a medical expense tracker, a used-car calculator, mailing labels, reports, greeting cards, newsletters and more are already available
Read and save Microsoft Word and Excel files using DataViz MacLinkPlus translators1
System Requirements
AppleWorks 6.2 for Mac OS

An Apple computer with a PowerPC processor
24MB of physical RAM with virtual memory set to at least 25MB
Mac OS 8.1 or later; built for Mac OS X2
A CD-ROM drive or a drive that reads data CD's (for installation)
An Internet connection2
QuickTime 4.1.2 or higher (included on CD)
1 Microsoft Word and Excel compatibility provided by MacLinkPlus, a product of DataViz, Inc.,
2 The AppleWorks CD-ROM includes 30 templates and 100 clip art images. More than 150 templates and 25,000 clip art images are available to customers with an Internet connection.
Apparantly new translators, but it doesn't look like the 7.0 that many were hoping for.

Could this be because they are coming out with an office type suite (including Keynote?)
Here's hoping so!


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they changed the box, too. i like it. :D

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