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Just some thoughts here. First off for me, the operating system is the first thing that matters to me on a computer. OS X is beautiful and easy/fun to use. Speed is second, but VERY crucial, and Apple's current laptop lineup scares me.

Where's the beef -- where's the horsepower???

Shouldn't the 17" PowerBooks be at least 1.25GHz at this point. NO excuses for the manufacturing delay allowed, please. It's the "best/most expensive" machine in their pro line and now there's a 420MHz difference between the chips in the PowerMacs versus the PowerBooks. And, that's not even taking into account the fact of 2 proc. (PowerMac - the single GHz tower) versus 1 (PowerBook).

2.84GHz (combined) versus 1GHz -- not very comforting to those who need a "portable PowerMac".

It's mid-March and SOME SELECT people are JUST getting word of their 1GHz 17" Pow'Books shipping. 1GHz 15" TiBooks have been available since early November, with SWEET Radeon 9000 GPUs to boot -- better than the Nvidia GeForce4 440 Go people say. 4 1/2 months and the SAME 1 GHz chips are still top o' the line in Apple's laptops??? Strange and corrupt to me. This "year of the laptop" doesn't seem to be getting off to a good start -- seems darn stand still to me. That scared me into purchasing a PowerMac where I've got longevity on my side for awhile.

iBooks should be DUE for an update any time now and they max at 800MHz currently. We already know the IBM G3 Sahara is capable of much higher MHz but Apple's holding it back. There is no way in heck that Apple would let the G3 reach 1GHz and equal the same clock rating as they're PowerBooks. For many people another cheap 100MHz bump to 900MHz won't cut it. Apple has a nice app called iMovie. People want horsepower to RIP through their digital video and quickly render and encode -- these chips just DON'T get the job done fast enough. iMovie is great and easy to use -- we all know that -- but perhaps those on their PCs may actually finish quicker because of faster rendering with FASTER chips, even with the crappier software on the dark side. CHEAP PC laptops can chop video up and spit it out with inferior software.

Okay sure, the G4s have the Alti-Vec instruction set, or as Apple deems it, the Velocity engine.

Sure, the G4s have the Alti-Vec instruction set but it doesn't cut it when Intel is further pulling ahead doing a "MHz myth" with their new mobile Centrino chips, where a 1.6GHz Pentium M approx. equals a 2.2GHz Pentium 4M.

We (Apple users) currently have the superior software, OS and hardware design, but the internal guts are seriously lacking in oomph, horsepower, SPEED -- slowing down the productivity. Rendering bars and waiting is evil, the less the better. That's why the safest Mac to buy RIGHT NOW is obviously the PowerMac. It JUST barely meets decent -- how could I even say that -- PCs in raw horsepow'.

If 970s don't show up in Jan '04 or this year, Apple's in a DDDDEEEEEPPPPPPP hole.

Major props to IBM's 970 as a chip to seriously contend and whup some Intel @$$.

Anybody remember Pixar moving from Sun to Intel -- CHEAP RENDERING OOMPH. Chew on that for a bit too.

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Tomac, I agree that Macs need more horse-power but the laptop gap is small (in terms of shipping machines) and on features, the Macs still win out.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Sure, the G4s have the Alti-Vec instruction set but it doesn't cut it when Intel is further pulling ahead doing a "MHz myth" with their new mobile Centrino chips, where a 1.6GHz Pentium M approx. equals a 2.2GHz Pentium 4M. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Doesn't that make you wonder how the Centrinos compare with a G4? The MHz myth is really stupid in PC laptops where Intel touted "Speed Step" technology in which the processor was actually slowed down when running off a battery!! I've never had that happen on my TiPB.

The new Centrino laptops (which are about as common at the moment as 17" AlPB (unfortunately) have closed in on Apple but Centrino only offers 802.11b and the extra battery life compared to Apple laptops largely depends on having two batteries.

Apple absolutely positively needs to push the laptop frontier. If this is the year of the laptop, Apple should make its powerbooks as bleeding edge as possible. The delay in getting 17" machines out of the door makes the company look as though its 2 months behind. I was disappointed to see that the tech specs released at the weekend showed no upgrades from the announced machines (video, bus, chip, etc*). Such is life. It means that when my AlPB finally arrives, it'll probably be superceded by a new version within 3 months...

*Interesting snippets from the technote: the on-board Bluetooth uses the same antenna as Airport and connects inside via an internal USB connector. The machine compares the 802.11b/g signal received by each antenna and dynamically selects the best one.
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