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Posted 2007-05-09 16:27 in How-to by Ed Shepard

By [email protected] (posted by [email protected], written by Art)

Apple does empower the consumer to troubleshoot, diagnose, and isolate, many problems on their own using the online tools from the Apple Support page

What many people don’t realize, is that they also empower the consumer to initiate warranty claims to replacement parts online as well.

This includes anything from replacement headphones from an iPod purchase, to whole Base Station exchanges, to power supplies for the iMac.

There are some well put together instructions with graphics should a repair be necessary, and most in stock parts are sent overnight using a common currier.

Here’s the link to the details on the Do-It-Yourself program(s):

This link is the instruction set for how to order DIY parts:

We hope you are able to make use of the online tools when reasonable to do so.

In many cases, this route is faster than contacting your reseller, but we are always available to help fill in the gaps in warranty support as needed!

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