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Back at the end of March, my iPhone 3G accidentally drowned in the toilet.
I told it it couldn't swim. Anyhow, this was a phone I had just bought AppleCare for when my first iPhone 3G's speaker died.

Like anyone else who had seen the leaks, I knew iPhone 4 was coming and was going to get one.

That said, I just have a couple of questions about my options:
1. If I pay 250 for the water damage replacement, does AC continue on the replacement or is that done with altogether?
2. Depending on the answer to question 1, I figured I could sell the replacement at a slight loss but still have some cash to put towards an unlocked iPhone 4. Would the replacement still be a 3G or a 3GS?

I already have a potential buyer so this will help me gauge a price.

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