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Apple has been driving me crazy with extending coverage for clients that bought a machine with Applecare but did not buy AC+ within the specified 60 day period.

Now my decades long understanding was that you could extend the original Apple warranty if you bought the extension within the original 365 day period of purchase. We were doing that for clients and for our own stock for years.

Then sometime in the last 9 months everything went south on doing that for no reason I could discern. ( hours on the phone and still a sore point ).

Then yesterday a client was inquiring about a 2018 laptop he leased and it indicated AC+ ran out Oct 21 2021 so just to confirm I checked. Yep had run out BUT an option Eligible for an Applecare Product popped up much to my astonishment.
Hunh ....the 3 year coverage had run out BUT it was extendible for $139 US for another year indefinitely o_O
AppleCare+ Proof of Coverage​
Thank you for purchasing AppleCare+.
This Proof of Coverage confirms AppleCare+ coverage for your Apple product listed below. You can also verify your coverage online at

Please keep this Proof of Coverage, the original sales receipt for your Apple product, and the included AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions. Proof of purchase may be required if there is any question regarding your Apple product’s eligibility for AppleCare+ coverage.
Take a moment to review the information below. If corrections are necessary or if you have questions, please contact Apple Support.
ProductMBP 15.4 GRAY 2.6GHZ/16GB/RP 560X/512GB
Hardware Serial NumberC02X7L0UJG5J
Coverage End DateOctober 24, 2022
Agreement Number274885347025
Your AppleCare+ coverage is now active and will automatically continue year-to-year as long as you continue to make annual payments. If you stop making annual payments, your coverage will be cancelled and cannot be reactivated.
You have access to 24/7 priority technical support, additional hardware service options, and coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage from handling every 12 months, each subject to a service fee of $99 for screen damage or external enclosure damage, or $299 for all other damage, plus applicable tax. Please see the attached AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions for complete details
Apparently this was introduced 3 days ago with no fanfare I could see.
This is good for us we do not take in machines on trade past 2018 without remaining AC+ ( we take no 2016/17 in trade )
2018s are the only ones that run Mojave so remain in demand and many clients bought those for that feature. 13" and 15.4" 2018s and a few 2019s like my own plus iMac Pros and iMacs.
This means they can continue to run their machines indefinitely and still have AC+ coverage which is far more than just hardware. Phone support and limits on accidental damage and spills.
I'm pleased for my own situation as I cannot get a consistent result from Big Sur or Catalina without spending a fair bit plus I lose some key applications.

Many audio clients are in the same position refusing to move beyond Mojave - whether it's lack of upgradeability, software issues etc this now lets them be covered indefinitely for the machine they know works for them.

In addition it lets them trade up while still covered ....making the trade more valuable to us.

So good win all around however. Applies to our 2019 iMacs of which nearly all were sold with AC+ and all of which have numerous upgrade paths. (y)

I still cannot get an answer on why those within the one year warranty period but after 60 days AC+ period cannot extend.
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Yup. When was that ?
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